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Behind The Facade - Real Estate Podcast

Jan 30, 2024

Episode 193 - a controvercial topic that will attract a lot of comments both positive and negative in certain social media platforms.  Let me know what you think...


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Jan 25, 2024

Episode 192 - this week we have another return guest Mr Antony Slumbers who I had on the show a few days after the birth of my son who is now 3 and a half.  The link to Episode 18 is below and its worth listening to most of Antony's far sighted predictions have come to pass.  In this epiosde we discuss the future of the...

Jan 16, 2024

Episode 191 - this week we have another return guest - David Jelly of Irish peer to peer lending platform Property Bridges.  This discussion centres around the process of funding via the platform and the types of deals they typically help to finance.  I hope you enjoy…


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Jan 9, 2024

Episode 190 - this week I speak with Manchster property investor Tom Dylan, who spent 5 years in Japan before returning to the UK for a stint as the Lord Mayor of Norwich Cty Council.  How did he make the tranisiton to property?  Listen in and find out...

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Jan 4, 2024

Episode 189 - this week I discuss a couple of unexpected things that happened over the last few days that reminded me about how random unplanned events can derail your best made plans. I hope you enjoy…


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