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Behind The Facade - Real Estate Podcast

May 30, 2023

Episode 160 - this week we are talking about property investment risk and how to mitigate or reduce those risks - I hope you enjoy!

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May 22, 2023

Episode 159 - this week I dive into the dreaded procrastination, something I suffer from on a regular basis.  It turns out there is quite a bit of science behind it and many tactics and strategies you can try to eliminate it - I hope you enjoy!

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May 16, 2023

Episode 158 - its not often that I post a shameless plug for one of my coaching product but today is one of those rare occaisions.  I made this in response to the multiple requests from listeners reaching out on social media.  Next week we go back to the normal content you have come to expect.

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May 9, 2023

Episode 157 - my guest this week is Owen Reilly, founder of the Dublin-based estate agency of the same name.  This conversation covers a lot of topics but probably most interesting is the area of innovation and adopting new platforms early - I hope you enjoy!



May 3, 2023

Episode 156 - the fact I have uploaded 155 episodes without a repeat guest guest some way to highlighting the value of Adam Lawrence - a UK property investor with a residential portfolio that has been scaled from single digits to 500+ units!  Don't forget your notebook - I hope you enjoy!

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