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Behind The Facade - Real Estate Podcast

Aug 29, 2023

Episode 172 - this week I discuss a topic that is on the minds of most everyone you are ever going to meet - Money!  In particular I want to explore some simple tips and strategies on how to accumulate a lot of money.  Its not rocket science, nor is it particularly glamorous or sexy.  I hope you enjoy…

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Aug 22, 2023

Episode 171 - this week my guest is Greg Wilkes who started his career off as an apprentice tradesman before starting a successful loft conversion business.  Fast forward 20 years and he is living in Sydney, Australia with his family but continues to run his business back in the UK.  How you might ask?  Lets find out......

Aug 15, 2023

Episode 170 - its time for a little explanation as to what happened last week.  What could have caused me to break an unbroken run of 169 consecutive episodes?  Well thats what I will get into today - I hope you enjoy and look forward to your feedback.


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Aug 3, 2023

Episode 169 - how often do you dwell on what is driving you?  Are you clear on the source of your core motivations?  This week I dive into these questions - I hope you enjoy!


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