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Behind The Facade - Real Estate Podcast

Jan 25, 2021

Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 39 - in this podcast I reiterate the 4 E's that I consider to be the greatest risks to an investor in this day and age - the Ego, the Emotions, the Economy and Events. Hope you Enjoy!


My Book 'Your Best Life' -

My Book 'Work Life Blend' -

Jan 18, 2021

Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 38 and the 3rd show of Season 2 - in this podcast I discuss the social app ClubHouse and reveal some details about my upcoming book before talking about the process of levelling up your skills and confidence to take on major deals you possibly never imagined you would be able to. Hope you...

Jan 11, 2021

Show Notes

Welcome to Season 2.  Today I am speaking to good friend of mine Jason Graystone who brings a different perspective to you the listener, having taught himself how to trade on the financial markets he has gone on to educate others how it can be done without all the BS that you will find from so many in his...

Jan 4, 2021

Show Notes

Welcome to Season 2 and 2021!  I hope you had a relaxing holiday break and are raring to go.  This past week turned into a crazy one for me with a last minute dash to Spain to close a real estate transaction and so I felt what better way to start the year than tell the story of this transaction and the...